Farm in Almadén de la Plata, Seville. REF: 3675.

2.250.000€ Total


Located between Almadén de la Plata and El Pedroso, very close to the Los Melonares reservoir and bordering the Viar river. It is accessed by the Viar road, from Almadén or from the Pedroso to Castilblanco road. For both entrances it has about 15 km. of track with good firm.

Linda con Upa (State Heritage), Confederation estate, Palacio (Rodrigo F. Parladé) and Las Gateras.

Main farmhouse with eight bedrooms and four bathrooms; house of landlords and house of hunters, two ships, boxes, scale.. .

It is a farm very rich in water, with wells and springs and the possibility of growing almond trees. Very varied, with arable interlining areas, pasture areas and areas of more broken spots.

Notary fees, registration and taxes, not included. Agency fees already included. Short information document available to the client.