LIGHTING, the key to your home.

Inmonova consider that in many occasions light plays a fundamental role in our homes. Adding a point of light in a strategic place can visually add meters of amplitude to our rooms. In addition, light influences our mood so it is key to decorating a study, a dining room or a room. Neither the same lamp nor the same temperature of light will serve us for one place than for another.

To get the perfect lighting of your home, we show you some guidelines that can help you.

The importance of good lighting in your home
Lighting plays a fundamental role in home decoration. The key to success is knowing how to make the most of natural lighting and, at the same time, succeed with artificial lighting.
For this we must know what is the use that is given to the stay. Perhaps in the kitchen it is more interesting to get a direct and intense light, while in the living room it is sought to create a more cozy atmosphere.

Kinds of artificial lighting: one for each room of the home

The types of artificial lighting that you should know are the following:

Direct lighting: in this case it is best to bet on a ceiling lamp. This type of lighting is fantastic for direct and intense light in the dining room or kitchen. Spaces where meetings with family and friends usually take place.

Cozy atmosphere: to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, it is best to opt for indirect light. A floor lamp placed on the side of the sofa is a wonderful option for the living room. A good idea is to acquire a lamp in which you can choose the degree of light intensity.

Light to work: if you have a home office to work, lighting is important. The main objective is to favor concentration and attention span. Well, to get it you must opt ​​for clear lights.
It is incredible how choosing the right lamps and taking care of their location in a given room can achieve such different environments and sensations.

Lights and shadows
Finally, it is worth paying attention to the shadows. As we know, every light has its own shadow. Thus, you should ensure that it is projected in the right place or, if you prefer, avoid it.